Blockchain by AMX Law

Blockchain, Cryptos & Tokenization

  • How to use blockchain to improve or transform your business

  • Design of tokens (features and functionalities) and model the kind of token (utility, security, asset, payment, collectible, hybrid, etc) to best fit your project

  • Drafting of smart contracts from an integrated legal, business and technology perspective

  • Opening, registry and licensing of exchanges, OTCs, SROs, etc

  • Full design, structuring and implementation of ICOs, STOs, IEOs and Token Offers of any kind and in several jurisdictions (including Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, Cayman and Estonia, among others)


Your legal partner

for the blockchain world

Why AMX Law?

​.Business mindset. Partners and team with solid business experience, education and background.

.Global perspective. From Switzerland's Crypto Valley to the global blockchain community.

.Hands on approach. Results driven and proactive, directly joining several project teams.

.Pragmatic solutions. Integrating the legal, business and tech dimensions of projects.

.Open pricing system. You choose how, and how much, you want to pay. Literally.

.We are among the pioneers in crypto + equity finance, dual-token systems, frameworked jurisdiction planning, etc

.With offices in 4 countries and partners in 7 others, we can work totally online, but have been to more than 30 countries in the last 3 years, to join conferences and the global blockchain community, as well as to meet clients with a personal touch.

.We accept, and in fact prefer, payments in cryptos, accepting Bitcoin and almost all tradable tokens, including yours.

.We support innovation and have a special pricing system for early stage projects, also working close to seed investors to support them.

Fabio Alves Moura

Blockchain lawyer, university professor, former diplomat at the European Union, United Nations researcher, ICO/STO advisor and startup investor, Fabio is a member of several blockchain organizations and groups and a frequent speaker in conferences and lectures, mainly about legal strategy, tokenization, ICOs and STOs, smart contracts and blockchain regulation.

​MBA, MSc, PhD candidate

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish